#1: Part with negativity today…

If you want to achieve success – you will need to part with negativity today…
Hey everybody, Julia Antufjew here and today I would love to talk about influence of negative people on our life. To make it easier I would love to divide all people in five groups:

1) You
2) People we do not know
3) Friends and acquaintances
4) Business Partners
5) Family

General rule of thumb is – if you want to succeed in business – minimize contact with negative people to zero.

YOU: Let’s start with yourself, OK? Do you engage into negative self talk? Yeah? Right! It has to go! HOW TO: imagine that negative self-talk in your head is a radio station of some kind. It does not belong to you. You are not the one who is translating. So ignore it. – What are you saying? Difficult? Impossible? It’s not you talking…

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Chapter 240: How Google Chrome did open my eyes and about the fact that doing same old $hit results in same old $hit.

Albert Einstein said: “Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Looking back on past 6 years of work I can say that I have been quite insane. I am extremely grateful to Coco that she pulled me out.
I would continue working with not performing employees, knowing for sure that they will change under my professional guidance. Time would pass and the only thing changing would be increasing amount of my brain they would be eating up on daily basis.
I would continue working with not performing suppliers, hoping that next delivery will be great. No need to say that nothing great came out of this noble hope.
Today I have exchanged Firefox for Google Chrome on my computer. For past two years I thought my computer is extremely slow because of A, B and C reasons. I used to pull out my hair this is how slow it was! 99% of my work is online right now; I would be sitting waiting for this little circle to turn around 100 times till a page would load.
And it was not my computer after all. Exchanging the browser made all my internet problems disappear in a second.
For each and every not performing browser – there is a performing one. No need to wait too long before exchanging the slow one for a quick one. Change of methods and ways to get things done is sane.

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Chapter 238: We all do know how it feels when we are a freaking lonely person at home

We all do know how it feels when we are a freaking lonely person at home.
We all do know how it feels when we are surrounded by a crowd but alone.
We may have all those people around, we smile, take showers, even play chess.
And our friends and people around don’t even wither that we are mess.

But guess… Just guess… What’s next?
This loneliness and brokenness will pass!

It is neither a part of me, nor is it a part of you.
So drop it, drop it, drop it now!
No matter freaking how! Just Drop it now!

You think your noble suffering’s right. Forgetting that your life is quite ok.
There are people on this Mother Earth who didn’t just survive pass today.
There are people missing limbs!
There are people tortured to death.
They have not chosen this type of life.
They would love to exchange yours for theirs…

Are you ready for exchange right now?
If you are not, than drop it, drop it, drop it,
No matter how…

It is neither a part of me, nor is it a part of you.
So drop it drop it drop it now!
No matter freaking how! Just Drop it now!

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Chapter 237: Unstoppable chick – that’s me!

Have I mentioned recently that I am freaking unstoppable? No? Ok. Now for the records: I am unstoppable. Unstoppable chick – that’s me!

Have spent the whole day today setting up our Fitness Fun Shanghai Initiative. First what is Fitness Fun Shanghai? This is the inspirational cause, motivating all chicks and dudes around Shanghai and Shanghai Lovers to drop everything they are doing right now, grab their fitness gear and go exercising, go get fit and happy! (By the way, I mentioned Shanghai Lovers, right? What does it mean? Explaining: once lived in Shanghai – forever Shanghai Lover! No other way possible!). So today Fitness Fun Shanghai came to life. How exciting is that!

And now I am going to work the rest of the day on Perfect Tights partnerships. Can’t say too much, but one huge market, who starts with R and ends with A is interested. BTW the huge market which starts with T and ends with D, yes, yes, yes, that’s you my dear friend whose name starts with M and ends with A 🙂 Lots of love from Coco Tomātl Shanghai Headquarters and thank you for your passionate work!

Hugs, Jane Rene

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Chapter 236: Few observations about depression.

After two years of blogging and careful observation I can state firmly:
1) Each and every time I am on the verge of a MAJOR break through – I get depressed for a couple of days.
2) Each and every time I need to start doing something I am afraid of – I get depressed for a couple of days, or I get a cold, or I pull a muscle, or…
3) Many times when I achieve something incredible and just need to follow up to make it sure, to write it in stone – I get depressed and often f@ck up my result, causing opportunity loss. (Please note: In the most stupid and incredible way!!)

In the Art of Fat War Coco defined three enemies we are fighting against on daily basis. Coco mentioned on several occasions that we are fighting these enemies in all areas of our life, not only in health and fitness. I did not pay much attention to this statement. But I do now. Why? Because depression is the weapon these three fellows are using on me the most, trying to sabotage everything I do. Although, I have to say that sabotaging became more difficult: I exercise regularly, I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t smoke. Still these three fellows are very much engaged in screwing with my opportunities.

I work with a lot of women right now who are on their way to discover their True Self. Most of them are losing weight. Few of them have started working on their financial independence goal, launching new business projects. All women showing the very same symptoms:

1) Depression just before major break through.
2) Depression when afraid doing a new thing.
3) Sabotaging an opportunity once got it into hands.

Can you relate to that in any way? Think about the last time you were depressed and engaged into some type of negative self talk. Was it prior to any major break through? Was it before doing something new (which you are silently afraid of doing)? Was it just after you have got something great done, like organizing a course, inviting people, all people joined, paid, came. You have even done the first session and then never told the group when the second session takes place?

If you are interested in the phenomenon of depression same way I am – watch four videos I have up-loaded below. These videos are describing three core enemies we are dealing with on daily basis. We may be as philosophical as our free time allows us, but we can’t change the fact that these three voices are nagging on us daily. And the difference between success and failure lies in our ability to silence these voices. We can silence them aggressively; we can silence them with love, anything that works would do. Sports works fantastically. Any regular exercise silences these beasts. Cutting out alcohol and cigarettes weakens these voices tremendously. Love, real love shuts them down. I am talking real love here. Not the one “why is he not calling?” type of compulsiveness.

This article is a block-letter-reminder for me to keep my eyes on the price and to know that any type of depression, sadness or whatever crawls up and paralyses me – is not me. I am pure joy. That’s it.

Enjoy the videos and let me know what you think, do you know the beasts?

Chapter 7: Know Yourself Know Your Enemy

Chapter 8: Princess of Boredom

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Chapter 10: Nasty-IT-Not-Good-Enough

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Chapter 234: And my head has to wait outside until I am done.

Coco told me not to weight myself in the Phase FOUR of the Art of Fat War. These instructions were very clear. Extremely clear. Written in BLOCK LETTERS in front of my very nose: DO NOT WEIGHT YOURSELF AT ANY CIRCUMSTANCE UNTIL YOU ARE ABLE TO DO SPLITS!

Did I listen? No. Did I weigh myself in the Phase FOUR? Yes. Did it do any good? No. Why can’t I freaking just do what is asked of me? Cause I think I am very smart. Cause I think I know better. But I don’t! I freaking don’t know better. If I would know better – I would be at my weight target already, cause I would follow Coco’s method, rather than adding my own wise thoughts to the cocktail.

I am really mad at myself because this happens over and over again, and not only with my fitness targets! Rather than following a plan which worked for so many before us, I add my own stupid corrections to the plan, and guess what? Plan does not work as it supposed to. What a surprise! Oooooooh!

“Yeah, but, I have to know how much I weeeeeight!” – “Right. If you really do – then be prepared to faaaaaail!”

I should not have weighted myself in the Phase FOUR! Why? Because stretching exercise increases body weight for the first who knows how many weeks. The body sizing remains the same but weight goes up. And my stupid head would only pay attention to the weight, not to the body size, not to the fact that my flexibility increases daily.

Head is a really overrated machine in so many things. My head reminds me of some overqualified intellectual, who tries to teach a centipede how to manage her legs in scientific way. Not only does he waste his life time with something irrelevant. Centipede was doing just fine! But now the centipede lost her ability to walk, paralyzed by over-thinking each and every movement of her hundred legs!

It just really boiled up, I am sorry. I have the plan – and I am going to freaking follow this plan. And my head has to wait outside until I am done.

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Chapter 233: I am a people pleaser, avoid conflicts…and lose some friends because of that.

I am a people pleaser. Always have been. What does it mean? I have fun interacting with people, love love love interacting with people and love love love inspiring people, making people feel great. It is just something which comes naturally and gets stronger by the year.

It means as well that I would avoid conflict at any cost. One minute spent in a conflict is equivalent to 100 years of creative consciousness flight.

I have noticed that there has been a lot of advice in past to stop trying to please everybody, to go into a conflict just to learn to stand my grounds. I hate conflict though. Conflicts are really extremely boring. And my grounds are up in the air. So they can’t be taken anyway. I ditched all conflict advice into a garbage can. I am people pleaser. And it feels great. You know what is boring and smells foul? Conflict.

There are times when conflicts are not avoidable. Conflicts for a common cause. I would join, still working out all possibilities to remove this conflict as soon as possible.

Through this conflict avoidance I have done un-right to some friends of mine.
At the moment my friends went into a dark negativity about everything and everyone, into some fear driven gossip and exaggerated conspiracy, rather than trying to discuss it through with them, getting them out of it – I went away.

In the future I will be stronger and wiser. I will handle it wiser. Now – I do apologize to my friends whom I left in this way. I can’t fly with stones of fear, gossip and negativity bound to my feet. For now those stones are your stones and once you drop them – I will be happy to fly together again. Cause I love you, same as before. Just can’t stand the stones.

I am still just a girl, who loves her family, her husband, her friends, who has tremendous respect for her partners and colleagues, a girl aspiring to become a healer, a girl who wants to drop another 30 pounds of weight, a girl creating fitness and health movement, a girl who loves fashion, a girl aspiring financial independence.  And please, don’t even venture into some drag about impossibility to do all these things at once. In the time one is talking about freaking impossibility – we are done twice, and start a new project! 🙂

And no, I am not possessed by lizard people. And yes my soul is 100% original soul. Not a filament of some weird kind. 🙂