Chapter 313: I’ve conquered my craving for snacks in-between the meals… Ask me how!

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Day number three.

I am afraid to say too much…

You see, I am that kind of person who just can’t stop snacking in-between the meals.

But today – Epermarket delivery came with all those delicious western foods, available only in a few special places in Shanghai at a high price (I live in China, remember?) and … nothing.

I’ve put it all into the fridge and continued working [!]


It is not normal for me!

Normal would be to anticipate this delivery from the early morning, calling the delivery guy every two hours to figure out whether he is still on his way or may be stuck in some rice field around my house…

And then once delivery would arrive – take out a pack of cottage cheese (very rare in China) or a pack of smoked salmon (yum!) and eat it up immediately!

But not today. Because today is day three…

Day three of wearing Perfect Tights…

It truly truly truly keeps amaze me how this wearable supplement takes away all my cravings for unnecessary snacking in-between the meals.

I am eating two full meals a day and don’t snack… AT ALL!!!

Cause I don’t snack – weight is down too…

But this is a story for a different day.

Don’t want to say too much! 🙂

2018-10-24_1147_-_Click here to reserve your pair

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