Chapter 312: “The only pair of tights in the world which makes my butt look 25 again!”

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“The title? I did not make it up. Meja said that.
She’s been wearing Perfect Tights for the past year or even longer.
Lately we have been speaking on Whatsapp and these are her exact words: “I love Perfect Tights! It is the only pair of tights in the world which makes my butt look 25 again!” 

And she is right. Perfect Tights is perfect. I’ve put my heart into its development.” – Jane Rene Maria

Product Perfect Tights is a result of the four years elaborated research, development and testing of:
– construction,
– longevity and
– physical performance enhancing functions of the product.

The Motivation and Perfection
The key motivator for the product development team was to finally create a pair of leg wear making sure women have a pair of perfect legs no matter the weather, no matter the circumstance, no matter the age, no matter the size.

The cut, construction, trims, fabric weaving method and fabric composition (including the effective components) used in Perfect Tights, account for perfect fit and perfect customer experience. Perfect Tights by Coco Tomātl are made for women who do not accept any jokes about their comfort.

The product is called ‘Perfect’ as for it addresses all key problems know in general tights construction.

No pilling of any kind, no dust attached to the tights’ surface, no too short back rise, no loose waist, no sagging fit, no sliding down while walking. We want our tights to feel as nice and natural as the second skin! We’ve made them highly stretching and mildly compressing, designed them to be moisture wicking, quick-dry, easy to care for and perfectly black ALL THE TIME.

To amaze our customers even more – we’ve made out tights compressing and have embedded effective ingredients into the actual fabric of Perfect Tights – which increase general physical performance of the wearer and help women (and men) in a healthy way to embed 30 minutes of exercise and healthy diet into their daily routine.

Perfect Tights is a Physical Performance Enhancer for women (and men) who are willing to exercise in order to claim back their fitness or to improve their current physical performance. Perfect Tights is not a magic bullet for lazy people.

The Performance
The effective components remain effective for the first 90 days of daily wear*. From our experience in My Secret Online Fitness Game environment – 90 days are the exact amount of time necessary to drop 30 pounds of weight minimum, by wearing Perfect Tights and exercising daily. Success rate without Perfect Tights is way much lower, as for women report not to have enough energy to exercise daily and being too hungry to make healthy food choices.

The garment itself remains in great shape, fit and color beyond 24 months*. Mild compression qualities of the garment remain beyond 24 months* as well due to a special construction.

We have not encountered a single garment in the market, all be it in the sports sector or in casual sector, with the same characteristics. Development of such a product required a great team and top notch understanding of high performance garment manufacturing.

The effects of Perfect Tights reported so far:

1) General physical performance enhancement, increase of endurance and fatigue reduction due to mild compression effect and effective components. Report Hannah

2) Mildly suppress appetite if worn daily 6 to 10 hour. Perfect Tights is the only wearable workout supplement in the market, which helps wearers to follow intermittent fasting protocol – the most effective weight loss protocol. Most people can not follow intermittent fasting due to strong hunger experience. Perfect Tights takes of the edge of hunger, eliminates hot hunger and enables wearers to make calm and healthy food choices. (Effective components)

3) Enhance lymphatic flow and general circulation due to mild compression effect and effective components.

4) Reduce inflammation and swelling of joints and tissues due to mild compression effect and effective components.

5) Promote fast healing of (sport related) micro injuries. Women following My Secret Online Fitness Game routine, jumping rope and trampoline report absence of any sport related muscle pain. (Compound effect of compression and effective components).

6) Promote reduction of midsection fat (Effective components).

7) Increase metabolic rate of the wearer, normalizes or increases fat burning. (Compression and effective components)

8) Prevent sagging skin when lots of weight is being lost. (Compression and effective components)

*How to take care of Perfect Tights. 
Cold hand wash, no soap.
Wash once in 3 days.
Dry on the line.
Do not wring.
Do not wear wet.
No bleaching.
No tumble dry.
No iron.

If you would like to reserve a pair – please click the button below and sign up to our wait list.

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