Chapter 304: Letter to the girls who’ve just lost 10 pounds of weight.

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In the past few weeks you have done something you thought you would not be able to do.
You’ve lost 10 pounds of weight!

This achievement of yours did change your state of mind from a Victim to a Victor.
The state of mind you have now – is the ‘Can Do’ state of mind.

The momentum is there to try out more things you’ve always wanted and never did, because you were afraid of failure and ridicule.
With your weight loss you have opened a little window between the worlds.
In one world – you were forever overweight.
In another world – you are fit and glowing!

We are mistrustful creatures, eager to ignore, forget or destroy each and every achievement of ours; eager to wall up any window of opportunity even before it appears.
That’s why already in my Battle ONE has Coco given me an assignment to define my Goal Number Two. ‘Your Goal Number Two will turn the window of opportunity into a spacious gateway, a passage impossible to ignore.’ – Though Coco.

Goal Number Two or Alternative Goal is something you’ve always wanted to do and never did. Like writing a children’s book, taking up singing classes, learning how to paint, opening your own online store…

Your Goal Number Two is a reflection of your True Self.

It helps you to stop obsessing about your weight loss; keeps the Princess of Boredom far away form your porch, and helps you to leverage your current ‘Can Do’ state of mind changing the narrow window of opportunity into a huge gateway, impossible to ignore.

What is it you’ve always wanted and never did? Think about it today! Define your Goal Number Two, tell me about your goal in the Group, write a blog post about it and start acting upon it!

Love, Jane Rene

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