Chapter 290: Sauna – The Silent Magician of Battle TWO [My Secret Online Fitness Game].

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To all girls and guys entering their Battle TWO of My Secret Online Fitness Game!

Battle TWO of My Secret Online Fitness Game is the SOFTENING battle. Do you remember the soap encrypted Master Strategy from the Battle ZERO? If not – go to Battle ZERO day 12!

We are born as a liquid soap. Our muscles are soft and lean. We are well hydrated,  fresh, enjoying our full personal power.

As time passes by – we kind of ‘dry out’. Our muscles get stiff under the influence of stress, lack of sleep, wrong diet and dehydration. So in the best case we turn into a soap bar. 🙂 And in the worst case? In the worst case we turn into a very dry and cracked bar of soap. 😀

To step back into our personal power – we want to return to the very same lean liquid state we’ve been born in.

In order to make a dry soap bar liquid – we have to 1) Rasp the soap to fine little pieces. 2) Add water to it and 3) Stir it up.

Jumping for the past four weeks of your Battle ONE – you’ve ‘rasped’ your ‘soup bar’ so to speak, loosening your muscle and fat tissue.

The next step is to add some water to the ‘rasped soap’.

It is time to soften your body, to properly hydrate your body, to make your muscle tissue and fat tissue more relaxed and loose, to make your body fluids more fluid.

We will be using three softening mechanism during the Battle TWO:
1) Daily Steam Sauna (or any other sauna for this matter).
2) Daily topical full body coconut oil application after sauna.
3) Proper hydration.

Why Sauna?
Multiple reasons.

Sweat therapy is a powerful technique promoting health, physical and psychological healing.

What does sauna do for your body:

1) Sauna causes a relief of a major toxin – STRESS. (Achieved by the unique combination of muscle relaxation, B-endorphins increase, while not increasing the concentration of adrenaline in the blood stream).

Stress is the Major Cause of Everything: wide spectrum of physical conditions, wide spectrum of mental conditions, drug abuse, food abuse, power abuse, you name it. Obesity and Stress are well known BFF’s. So, for us – relieving stress is a great way to step back into our personal power.

2) Being a form of exercise sauna helps you to reduce body weight and body fat.
Great Bonus for our purpose.

3) Sauna promotes drinking plenty of water, which is essential for the healthy metabolism.

This is a Great Bonus as well, since girls and guys of any age drink anything they can lay their hands on, but water!

4) Sauna improves heart function and lowers blood pressure in people with hypertension.

Hypertension is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke, which are number one causes of death world wide (25.1% of world population cumulative).
Causes of death worldwide
I may as well include this scary chart. No one ever talks about this chart while advertising some new deadly over-processed lasagna, or some new sort weight increasing crisp chocolate cookies!

Great news is – high blood pressure goes down with weight loss. So, I’d say – kill the cookies and Triple Hooray to the Sauna, Daily Exercise and Single Ingredient Diet!

5) Sauna enhances lung function: decreases lung congestion and increases the vital capacity of the lungs.

6) Sauna improves breathing in people with asthma or chronic bronchitis.

7) Sweat ritual can speed recovery from colds and reduce their occurrence.

8) Sauna has positive effects on your mood: decreases anxiety, hostility and frustration; has significant positive effects on mental satisfaction, energy and relaxation. Two-hours after the sauna the following improvements are reported: feeling less fatigue, more revitalized, and less physically exhausted.

Sweat rituals are proven effective in reducing obesity, depression as well as improving coping with chronic pain.

9) Sauna improves your sleep quality. Having a deep, restful sleep is one of the most common effects reported by regular sweat goers.

10) And at last but not least: Sauna puts you into a mental state of readiness to change. And this is exactly where we want to be!

Where? How?
Nowadays a lot of people have a sauna at home, in their compound or in the gym. Please feel free to go to any sauna you have daily access to. If you have no access to a sauna and a very tight schedule – get a portable sauna, like this one. I’ve got it in red and it fulfills the purpose.

Take your sauna daily from the very beginning of your Battle TWO, preferably in the evening, for one to three rounds of 5 to 15 minutes intervals, with two 5-minute breaks and a 15-minute recovery period afterwards.

Recently I’ve got this guided meditation by Stephen Colmant, which takes you through the whole 58 minutes daily sauna ritual. You might find it helpful too.

Much love, Jane Rene

[With great thanks to Stephen Colmant: Colmant, Stephen. Sweat Therapy: A Guide to Greater Well-Being. Kindle Edition.]

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