Chapter 287: The Power of Secrecy.

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A frequent feed back I receive from girls losing weight is disapproval or lack of notice by their friends and family. Both emotionally painful and really, really, really discouraging.

Basically friends and family disapprove of the weight loss, sabotage it or chose to ignore it.

Very few chose to encourage it.

Why it happens – is really not of our concern. We are here to weight travel, not to engage into psychoanalysis.

If you think disapproval or sabotage may be the reaction of your direct surroundings – keep your Fitness Campaign low profile.

Follow your game, but chose not to talk about it.
Remember, even surrounded by the best supporters – we change alone.

You will be busy enough fighting your own windmills and your own sabotage. No need to subscribe to anyone else’s.

The general response to any new attempt of change follows this pattern:
1) First you will be laughed at.
2) If you do not give up while being laughed at – you will be criticized.
3) If you do not give up under heavy critique – slowly your change will be accepted.
4) And only after that will you be admired.

Not a big deal if you we could deal with being laughed at and being criticized. But we can’t. This is the terrain of the Nasty IT Not Good Enough. As soon as we are being laughed at or criticized, even worse – as soon as we think we may be laughed at and we may be criticized – The Nasty IT Not Good Enough rises as a killer wave and crushes us to the ground!

So girls and guys! Keep your Battles ZERO and ONE secret! No matter what it is you attempt to change in your life. Keep your mouth shut for the first TWO battles.

Yours, Jane Rene Maria

P.S. The often given advice is to tell the whole world about your new goal from the very beginning. It’s being said that after such an announcement one will have no choice but act upon the goal. This advice is being given by stress addicted people, people who like pressure, confrontation and suffering. Only a poor general announces his true battle plans.

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