Chapter 286: The distance between my butt and the ground…

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Name: Jane Rene Maria
Game: My Secret Online Fitness Game
Battle: Battle FOUR
Weight Loss Battles ONE – THREE: 30 lbs
Last measured body weight: 156.4 lbs
Ideal Body Weight: 120 lbs
Exercise Battle FOUR: Agility, Body Strength, Stretch.
Diet Battle FOUR: Sugar Free (not working yet. really really really difficult to drop it.)

In the Battle FOUR of My Secret Online Fitness Game I can’t talk in terms of weight anymore. Maybe Battle FIVE will be different. But for now I’ve seriously ditched the scale. The reason is – strength and stretch exercises of Phase FOUR showed weight gain from the very beginning and I’ve got completely discouraged by it and totally side tracked.

The instructions for Phase FOUR are very clear, to avoid any weight measurement until one can make the splits. “You have no idea what type of impact splits skill has on your body” – though Coco. “You can’t evaluate a splits skill in pounds, Jane!”

Bla bla bla bla bla! So guess what am I measuring now? The distance between my butt and the ground at splits attempts. 😀

Reading this you are most likely in you Battle ZERO or ONE? What is your Ideal Body Weight? Go to the Ideal Weight Calculator and figure out, then post in the Group 🙂

MSOFG#3-Banner Fitness is Fearless

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