Chapter 284: About Failure…

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– There is not much to say about Failure, Jane. Only that Failure is an Illusion. – Coco and I are rolling a pushcart full of white stones towards the former convenience store, which now is being revamped to a rescue animal shelter by local volunteers.
– It may be an illusion for you, Coco, – I say and wipe my face with the shirt sleeve. (It is not May yet, but very hot already.) – Because you are … well you are perfect and I doubt you’ve ever failed.
– Ha, ha, ha, ha, – Coco burst into laughter. – You are so cute baby Jane. But you are right, at least for a part of your statement. I haven’t failed for a long time. One day I’ve accepted Failure to be an Illusion of Mind and Time, and I have not failed once ever since.
– It’s all Gibberish to me, Coco. Time, mind, illusion. What do you mean?
– Failure is unreal. It is a construct created by our collective mind, existing solely in the realm of our collective mind, and under very certain conditions.
– Wait. – I stop for a second to catch my breath. – Do you mean Failure does exist only in our mind?
– Exactly and even better: Failure exists only under very certain conditions.
– Like what? What conditions?
– Like Time. Failure exists only in the context of time.
– More please. – (This is how I ask for more explanation.)
– Failure does exist only in the Past or in the Future. Never NOW.
– More please.
– The Past and the Future are unreal. There is no Past and there is no Future outside of our mind. What we really have is NOW. We live in NOW, in this very moment. This very moment is ALL WE HAVE.
I stop and start staring at the stones, trying to grasp the full meaning of her words.
– We live in NOW. – I repeat slowly. – The Past. It is not there. Physically it is not there. The future is not there either. What is there? This moment. Me, you, pushcart, stones, heat, sweat, wind, scent of flowers… All we have is NOW…
– Yes, Jane. All we have is NOW. AND you can’t fail your NOW! Living in NOW, being in NOW does not have any past and future goals, therefore there is no way to fail at living NOW. Living in this single moment is similar to smelling a flower for the sake of smelling it, or tasting food for the sake of tasting it. You live in this one single moment, Jane. Right now now you are pushing this cart with me, for the sake of pushing this cart with me…

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