Chapter 280: Most common believes are limiting believes…

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Today is Monday.
Same as any other Monday for the past 12 months?

I am making 2nd video, taping My Secret Online Fitness Game Phase FOUR progress.
Phase FOUR of My Secret Online Fitness Game it not about losing weight anymore.
In fact I am not allowed to weight myself until the Master Goal of the Phase FOUR is achieved: Russian Horizontal Split.

I’ve spent months procrastinating.
I’ve spent months weighting myself and getting discouraged despite the clear instruction to ditch the scale.
I’ve spent months deliberating in all possible ways with all possible people the best way to learn the split and how much time do I need to learn it.
I’ve spent months doubting my very ability to do the split, and even more than that – doubting the very purpose of this exotic skill.

Now, making the second video, taping my split progress, I finally start grasping the real purpose of this struggle, being a part of the ingenious plan created by Coco: A critical path for a Phase FOUR participant to get tired of her or his ever-spinning, empty-reasoning mind and SURRENDER INTO TRUSTING YOUR INNER SELF SAME WAY YOUR BODY SURRENDERS INTO THE RUSSIAN HORIZONTAL SPLIT.

Did you know that the only reason why you can’t do split is FEAR?
Fear is the single obstacle separating us from anything we want, and everything we need!
Phase FOUR with its Russian split as a Master Goal is not about losing weight.
It is about losing FEAR!
And while realizing it – I get those shivers all over my body thinking about the immense inexplicable and omnipresent wisdom of my mentor Coco. She knew!

“What is she talking about?” – I hear someone thinking. “What does stretching have to do with FEAR?” Apparently everything and a little bit more. Apparently the single reason why we can’t do splits it Fear. Not to mention Fear being the single reason why we fail at everything we fail at.

“Most common believes are limiting believes.” – Though Coco.
The common believe is that we have to stretch our muscles into the splits.
Pavel Tsatsoulin opened my eyes to this particular phenomenon.
Based on his book “Relax into Stretch” I invite you to take a chair with a high backrest. Put your right leg on the backrest 90 degrees to your left leg and parallel to the ground. You can bend your left leg, no worries.
Even if it takes you half an hour to get your leg on the backrest – you’ll succeed eventually.
Now take your right leg off the the backrest and put your left leg into the same position.

We do not have any muscles running from one leg into another.
Stretch of one leg does not restrict the stretch of another leg.
Meaning, if you can put your legs on a backrest of a chair at 90 degrees, you are able to do the Russian split too!
But why can’t you?
Why can’t I?
Because of Fear.

According to Pavel Tsatsoulin “The muscles tighten up and resist lengthening. Russian scientists call it antagonist passive insufficiency.
Based on your previous experiences – sitting all day or performing monotonous labor, or exercising incorrectly—your nervous system has picked the favorite length for every one of your muscles and prefers to keep it that way.
Whenever you reach too far compared to this standard, the stretch reflex kicks in and reins your muscles in.
If you try something really aggressive that you have never done before—for
instance splits—the stretch reflex panics and stiffens up your muscles with all its might.” – (Pavel Tsatsulin. Relax Into Stretch.)

Ditching scale and limiting believes, I am surrendering into my stretch!

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