Chapter 273: This sugar thing…

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Phase FOUR, My Fitness Game: I really need to tackle this sugar thing.
If you take a telescope and look me up on the surface of this Earth – you will find me crying.
Not much, a little bit, but freaking crying because I can’t manage to give up sugar.
When you quit smoking – it is so easy.
Because it stinks.
There is nothing delicious about smoking.
If you really really really can’t quit smoking – how about this for a change:
Take a bottle of water and fill it with cigarette stubs. Every time you want to have a smoke – have a sip instead.
Now back to the sugar.
It does not stink.
It tastes great and … it is everywhere!
Did you know that American Heart Association recommends that women consume not more than 100 calories a day from added sugar?!
It is 6 teaspoons.
How much do we take instead?
10 times the recommended norm.
If you smoke sixty cigarettes a day – you stink in a way people stop talking to you 😀
If you eat 60 teaspoons sugar a day – people offer you more 😀
I really need to tackle this sugar thing.
Coco says: “Victory is inevitable!”
So be it!

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