Chapter 269: Stretching in 100 Layers.

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Ok. Two hours walking is quite ok: one 40 minutes walk with little Poodle in the morning and one in the evening, and another 40 minutes walk to the village center for a hot lunch.

Now it is time to start stretching. I have chosen some quite old callanetics program. I have been doing this program some time ago and stretching results were great.

Tomorrow a new pair of Perfect Tights will be opened and I really go into the game. It also means that my stretching progress has to be video recorded. Very funny. Stretching wearing 100 layers.

It is still very cold here. February is the coldest month. Our airco is set on 30 degrees Celsius, and it would be great if we have +12 in the room!

This is the last year I opt in for such indoor winter conditions. Next winter will be spent in our full heated German home 🙂 If you ask me why I am not there right now – because we are getting our pets export-ready.

Sugar is a B@@@@! Really! Stupid sugar! Quitting smoking is as easy as farting in comparison to quitting sugar! (Pardon my French).

Perfect Tights SWS1 900 x 120

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