Chapter 266: Quitting Unquittable. Cake is out. Mysteriously.

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Quitting cake was one of the major challenges. I love cake and have developed a cozy habit to go for a coffee with some cake several times a week. So when finally daring the second attempt to quit sugar – I was really puzzled what to do with my cake addiction.

Coco always says that we do not have to have answers to all questions. She keeps emphasizing that our body knows how to quit things, and when time is right our body helps us quitting unquittable. Coco also keeps telling that the only way to ‘catch the right time’ is to keep trying as opposed to sitting around waiting. “Thinking and planning seldom accounts for the real forces of nature helping us to achieve our goals. So rather than overthinking your cake addiction – act and one day you will get help from your body” – that’s Coco.

All very abstract, until I start experiencing unpleasant body sensations immediately after cake consumption. And guess what? Cake is out. I simply can’t eat it. Unexpected. Unplanned. But welcome. 

Interesting fact: I have quit smoking and alcohol is the very same way. One day my body simply did not accept it anymore. Smoking went first, followed by alcohol few months later. Without any cravings. Now I am really intrigued what other surprises does My Fitness Game prepare for me. 🙂

Other successes with quitting sugar:
1) Did not have white or brown sugar since 25th of December.
2) Did not have any soda, ice tea (no pre-packaged fruit juice either) since 25th of December.
3) Did not have any kind of jam for the past 2 weeks.
4) No ready-made pan cakes from the supermarket since 2 weeks.
5) No fast food since 25th of December. No processed stuff either.

Chocolate is still in. I think it can be helped with eating dark chocolate only. It is almost impossible to eat more then two bites of dark chocolate at once.

Was visiting my friend lately and she treated me with a large box full of different sorts of chocolate. “How do you manage to have all this chocolate at home and not eat it all at once?” – I asked. Once I had a closer look – it became clear how. All chocolate was 75% + dark. So I had two bites and it was really enough. 🙂

Raisins and honey are still in. And they’ll remain as for they are allowed.

Fitness routine:
1) 90 minutes daily walk combined with drumming meditation.
2) 30 minutes rope jumping.
3) Blogging.
4) Wearing Perfect Tights.

I wish spring starts tomorrow. Need warm days. Much Love, Jane Rene Maria

Perfect Tights SWS1 900 x 120

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