Chapter 264: Day two without sugar…

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This is my second attempt to cut sugar consumption.
I’ve started yesterday. Or better be said – yesterday was the fist day when it really worked. I spent the whole day in the office and have eaten two home cooked meals with lots of eggs and unprocessed grain. After such a meal there were no sugar cravings (lucky me!).

In order to escape temptation of sweet beverages – I have cut out all beverages. Drinking warm water instead and it works well (certainly with the new smart fitness bottle).
I should start with ginger lemon tea again. Self brewed ginger lemon tea removes sugar cravings.

Previous attempt to cut out sugar several months ago was quite difficult. It felt like quitting smoking rather than just quitting sugar. The cravings were crazy, could not think of anything else but PANDA sweet condensed milk. 🙂

I hope it will be different this time. It seems that certain food types eliminate sugar cravings. I will be experimenting with those. I take it one day at a time. However it is clear that I am the one who is responsible for my own success. So now when the Sneaky-Deserve-It-Troll visits – I let all my dogs out for him not to even approach my house 🙂

So, just to give you an idea of what food has to go first:

1) Sugar: brown, white, cane sugar, caster sugar and icing sugar, sugar syrup and fructose syrup: this part is easy. Sugar itself is not a problem, I can do without. Syrup – as well, never understood syrup consumption. They say there is considerable amount of fructose syrup is in all type of beverages. Drinking warm water is safe for now 🙂

2) Artificial sweeteners: no problem, stopped taking those in 2000, same year I quit watching news. 🙂

3) Added starch or refined carbohydrates food: In fact this is a long list of everything: “fruit yoghurt, yoghurt drinks, ready-made food like sauces and soups, cake mixes, bread mixes, puddings, tomato sauce, pesto, salad dressings, pasta, potato salad, pies, pasties and sausage rolls, white rice, cakes, biscuits, bread, chips, tinned food, gravadlax salmon, mustard, chutney, baby food, ready-made meals, soft drinks, cordial, sweets, chocolate and much more.” (Thorbjörg. 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks (Your Best Self))

Although this list is long – I have stopped eating all these things during Phase ONE of My Fitness Game. All but two which are difficult for me to part with: chocolate and all backed goods from the bakery I love so much 😦 In fact I had to fight an urge this early afternoon to go downtown to my baker for the delicious chocolate bread. This urge came in instantly after a stressful conversation which I went in while being hungry.

So three insights:
1) Do not go into any stressful situation while hungry.
2) Preferably do not go into stressful situations.
3) Make sure you always have all necessary ingredients to prepare a healthy meal while at home. And make sure you always have a healthy meal with you during work. So it may actually be way much better to prepare all meals for the day in the morning.

It is 1 pm and I am sugar free – so far so good.

Today’s Routine Phase FOUR My Fitness Game:
1) 90 minutes walk combined with drumming meditation. (I basically walk everywhere I can rather then drive).
2) 30 minutes rope jumping
3) Perfect Tights
4) Blogging
5) Sugar free as per definition above.
6) Warm water 2 liters.

Perfect Tights SWS1 900 x 120

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