Chapter 263: Smart Fitness Bottle Review And Giveaway

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The tool I am reviewing today is something I am extremely excited about, because I’ve been looking for this product for ages! This is an awesome ❤ Thing U Really Love, which solves the second biggest fitness challenge! And the best part is – you have a chance to win it if you enter my giveaway! 

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Do you know what the second biggest fitness challenge is? Well the first fitness challenge is obviously to get going, to start exercising daily. Perfect Tights solves this problem. But what is the second fitness challenge?

❗ To stay hydrated! To drink enough water!

It is true. Most people do not drink enough water. A lot of people do not drink any water at all. Why? I would say most of the time because they forget. Drinking water is boring. You have to arrange for it and you have to remember it. So it is really easily forgotten.

For me drinking enough water is a real challenge. I simply forget it. So I have spent ages looking for a tool which will
#️⃣ 1 Remind me to drink water
#️⃣ 2 Give me this water
#️⃣ 3 Give me this water in the right amount to drink.

I want everything to be well organized and simple. Therefore I am 🤸‍♀️ very happy that I found this product. Are you excited about the solution I found? Cause I am super exited!

Here it is: My One and Only Water Buddy, a Health and Fitness Bottle helping women and men to drink enough water.

The smart fitness bottle comes in a nice looking, sturdy box. The packaging is great. I open the box and take the bottle out. You can see there is a USB charger here.

Lets see what this bottle can do. The first function of the bottle is to remind you to drink water. So once you receive your bottle, first you charge it. Once your bottle is fully charged – you set the alarm to remind you to drink water.

The bottle reminds you to drink water every 2️⃣ hours. It fits 13.5 ounce of water. Just the right portion to drink at once.

In order to set the alarm you push the power button for 2 seconds. You get two ⚡⚡ light flashes and two peeps. The alarm is set. Two hours later your bottle peeps three times and flashes indigo light signals for the full 3 minutes. It is enough time for you to take notice and to drink water. So you drink as much as you need, refill and set the alarm again. Two hours later your bottle reminds you to drink water again. This is how it works with the reminder function.

And there is more! The second very cool function of the smart fitness bottle is: The bottle functions as a … LIGHT! I figured it is of a great use for:

#️⃣ 1 Running, biking and hiking after dark and camping.
#️⃣ 2 Finding keys in my purse.
#️⃣ 3 Finding hey hole when the lights are out.
#️⃣ 4 Finding my way in the house when electricity is down (happens sometimes).
#️⃣ 5 Finding my way through the house at night (if I don’t want to wake up my family by turning on the lights).
#️⃣ 6 Using it as a little night light when I am afraid of dark (happens sometimes).
#️⃣ 7 Reading books under blankets (I still do it sometimes cause it is fun!)

In order to turn on the light – you have to press the power button one time and the light goes on.

And there is more! If you press the power button two times the bottle starts flashing red SOS signal. Might be useful.

And there is more! There is a secret compartment in the bottom of the bottle, which can be filled with 2 ounces of water. What for you ask? Here you are. There is a sliding button on the opposite side of the bottle bottom. If you slide it down – the bottle functions as air humidifier or beauty nano-vaporizer.

So you have four functions in the Smart Fitness Bottle:
#️⃣ 1 It reminds you to drink water every two hours.
#️⃣ 2 It functions as a flash light.
#️⃣ 3 It functions as SOS light.
#️⃣ 4 It functions as air humidifier versus beauty nano-vaporizer.

Isn’t it simply amazing? The bottle goes for $75 in retail and I am giving away ONE Smart Fitness Bottle in our Massive Best Fitness Leg-Wear Giveaway! Why massive? Because it lasts for 11 months and has 11 drawing days! Click the button below to enter the giveaway! I hope you win! Much Love, Jane Rene Maria.

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