Chapter 260: Do not leave these two in one room…

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I have been left alone in the room with a Brown Parcel.
The Brown Parcel came from Germany all the way to China.
Here it goes my sugar free existence…
6 pounds delicious Christmas chocolate from my mom!

On a separate note:
1) Two liters warm water / day – No Problem!
2) 90 minutes daily walk, dragging along my little dog – No Problem! (She does not like to go so far, so sometimes I have to carry her).
3) 30 minutes rope jumping / day – No Problem.
4) Wearing Perfect Tights – No Problem!
And it is cold cold cold – so I am not weighting myself. (Who is crazy enough to go on the scale wearing 100 winter layers? Not me, nee 🙂 ) So Coco will be kind of proud of me so far. Except for the sugar free stuff and stretching. Going sugar free won’t work as long as Brown Parcel is visiting 🙂

Perfect Tights SWS1 900 x 120

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