Chapter 259: I am done when I am done! The status up-date from me – the Fitness Eskimo.

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So here I am.
Back to the Phase Four of My Fitness Game.
You see.
It is all about sticking to your guns.
It is all about not giving up.

The first three phases of My Fitness Game went unbelievably easy. [!!!]
I’ve put three exclamation points because it is mesmerizing how smooth it all went.
30 pounds of excess weight went away, as if they just decided to move on to some better place one day.
14 weeks is really nothing on the scale of infinity.

And then – I went into the Phase Four and just could not follow Coco’s advice at all.
Coco said: “Do not weight your self until you can do splits”. And I just could not stop using the scale daily.

She said: “Do stretching exercise”. And I ventured into some potpourri of exercises, trying out everything I could get hold of with Guava Pass.

She said: “Sugar is out”. And guess what? 🙂 It is more difficult for me to quit sugar products than it was quitting smoking. I am not exaggerating a bit here.

She said: “Drink two liters water a day”. And I kept dehydrated until I finally dropped down four weeks ago because of … well dehydration!

She has given me some recipe of a tonic I had to take daily. I have not even started making it!

And it goes on and on.
The list is long.
So, anyway, I am back in the Fitness Game.
On a horse again. Or shall I say: On the jumping rope again?
Recruiting my new army of girls!

My current Phase Four Re-entry Routine:
1) The first ‘no sugar day’ is tomorrow. Aghr.
2) Two liters warm water / day. Works well.
3) 90 minutes daily walk.
Doing first thing in the morning, combined with a meditation session.
So if you see a walking zombie, wearing a head set and dressed like an Eskimo behind the Polar Circle – it is most likely me. 🙂
(It is cold cold cold in Shanghai now! So I am wearing everything I own!
4) 30 minutes daily rope jumping. Done in the evening.
5) Perfect Tights: 8 hours, well whole day long. It is cold. I just take them off for sleep and shower. 🙂
I will be exchanging walk for yoga soon.
It took me some time to figure out how to do yoga in such a cold!
Well do you know how?
Wearing the Eskimo clothes, that’s how.
This is a very simple thought, but would you think it ever?
I know! It hit me today and I was perplexed with it’s simplicity, geniality and stupidity at the same time.
I will be doing yoga vs. callanetics wearing 100 winter layers.

So this is my current fitness status.
If you want to get fit with me and Coco – jump on the band wagon I’d say! 🙂
Much love and fitness fun! Jane Rene.

Perfect Tights SWS1 900 x 120

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