Chapter 258: Happy 2018 And We Have Two More Winners! Are You One of Them?

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Happy 2018 my dear friends, readers and inspirators!
2018 is full of miracles and here is the first one! We have two more winners!

The Perfect Tights Giveaway this past November was great. Lots of great new members. Lots of winners too. Four people with the skyrocketing social engagement won the second engagement reward – our signature Head-Hugging Travel Glasses Pro.


Two more people have been nominated as winners of the Grand Prize: Perfect Tights Black Ultra. Nominated? Yes! Have they claimed their prize yet? No. 🙂

What does it mean? It means we draw again! Two new potential winners are nominated (watch video below) – let’s see whether they claim their prize on time!


Meanwhile click the button below to join our New Massive 2018 Giveaway if you are not in yet! Much love, Jane Rene

button_click-here-to-sign-up-for-the-giveaway (3)
Perfect Tights SWS1 900 x 120

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