Chapter 237: Unstoppable chick – that’s me!

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Have I mentioned recently that I am freaking unstoppable? No? Ok. Now for the records: I am unstoppable. Unstoppable chick – that’s me!

Have spent the whole day today setting up our Fitness Fun Shanghai Initiative. First what is Fitness Fun Shanghai? This is the inspirational cause, motivating all chicks and dudes around Shanghai and Shanghai Lovers to drop everything they are doing right now, grab their fitness gear and go exercising, go get fit and happy! (By the way, I mentioned Shanghai Lovers, right? What does it mean? Explaining: once lived in Shanghai – forever Shanghai Lover! No other way possible!). So today Fitness Fun Shanghai came to life. How exciting is that!

And now I am going to work the rest of the day on Perfect Tights partnerships. Can’t say too much, but one huge market, who starts with R and ends with A is interested. BTW the huge market which starts with T and ends with D, yes, yes, yes, that’s you my dear friend whose name starts with M and ends with A 🙂 Lots of love from Coco Tomātl Shanghai Headquarters and thank you for your passionate work!

Hugs, Jane Rene

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