Chapter 236: Few observations about depression.

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After two years of blogging and careful observation I can state firmly:
1) Each and every time I am on the verge of a MAJOR break through – I get depressed for a couple of days.
2) Each and every time I need to start doing something I am afraid of – I get depressed for a couple of days, or I get a cold, or I pull a muscle, or…
3) Many times when I achieve something incredible and just need to follow up to make it sure, to write it in stone – I get depressed and often f@ck up my result, causing opportunity loss. (Please note: In the most stupid and incredible way!!)

Coco and I define three enemies we are fighting against on daily basis. Coco mentioned on several occasions that we are fighting these enemies in all areas of our life, not only in health and fitness. I did not pay much attention to this statement. But I do now. Why? Because depression is the weapon these three fellows are using on me the most, trying to sabotage everything I do. Although, I have to say that sabotaging became more difficult: I exercise regularly, I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t smoke. Still these three fellows are very much engaged in screwing with my opportunities.

I work with a lot of women right now who are on their way to discover their True Self. Most of them are losing weight. Few of them have started working on their financial independence goal, launching new business projects. All women showing the very same symptoms:

1) Depression just before major break through.
2) Depression when afraid doing a new thing.
3) Sabotaging an opportunity once got it into hands.

Can you relate to that in any way? Think about the last time you were depressed and engaged into some type of negative self talk. Was it prior to any major break through? Was it before doing something new (which you are silently afraid of doing)? Was it just after you have got something great done, like organizing a course, inviting people, all people joined, paid, came. You have even done the first session and then never told the group when the second session takes place?

If you are interested in the phenomenon of depression same way I am – watch four videos I have up-loaded below. These videos are describing three core enemies we are dealing with on daily basis. We may be as philosophical as our free time allows us, but we can’t change the fact that these three voices are nagging on us daily. And the difference between success and failure lies in our ability to silence these voices. We can silence them aggressively; we can silence them with love, anything that works would do. Sports works fantastically. Any regular exercise silences these beasts. Cutting out alcohol and cigarettes weakens these voices tremendously. Love, real love shuts them down. I am talking real love here. Not the one “why is he not calling?” type of compulsiveness.

This article is a block-letter-reminder for me to keep my eyes on the price and to know that any type of depression, sadness or whatever crawls up and paralyses me – is not me. I am pure joy. That’s it.

Enjoy the videos and let me know what you think, do you know the beasts?

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