Chapter 234: And my head has to wait outside until I am done.

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Coco told me not to weight myself in the Phase FOUR of my Fitness Game. These instructions were very clear. Extremely clear. Written in BLOCK LETTERS in front of my very nose: DO NOT WEIGHT YOURSELF AT ANY CIRCUMSTANCE UNTIL YOU ARE ABLE TO DO SPLITS!

Did I listen? No. Did I weigh myself in the Phase FOUR? Yes. Did it do any good? No. Why can’t I freaking just do what is asked of me? Cause I think I am very smart. Cause I think I know better. But I don’t! I freaking don’t know better. If I would know better – I would be at my weight target already, cause I would follow Coco’s method, rather than adding my own wise thoughts to the cocktail.

I am really mad at myself because this happens over and over again, and not only with my fitness targets! Rather than following a plan which worked for so many before us, I add my own stupid corrections to the plan, and guess what? Plan does not work as it supposed to. What a surprise! Oooooooh!

“Yeah, but, I have to know how much I weeeeeight!” – “Right. If you really do – then be prepared to faaaaaail!”

I should not have weighted myself in the Phase FOUR! Why? Because stretching exercise increases body weight for the first who knows how many weeks. The body sizing remains the same but weight goes up. And my stupid head would only pay attention to the weight, not to the body size, not to the fact that my flexibility increases daily.

Head is a really overrated machine in so many things. My head reminds me of some overqualified intellectual, who tries to teach a centipede how to manage her legs in scientific way. Not only does he waste his life time with something irrelevant. Centipede was doing just fine! But now the centipede lost her ability to walk, paralyzed by over-thinking each and every movement of her hundred legs!

It just really boiled up, I am sorry. I have the plan – and I am going to freaking follow this plan. And my head has to wait outside until I am done.

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