Chapter 233: I am a people pleaser, avoid conflicts…and lose some friends because of that.

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I am a people pleaser. Always have been. What does it mean? I have fun interacting with people, love love love interacting with people and love love love inspiring people, making people feel great. It is just something which comes naturally and gets stronger by the year.

It means as well that I would avoid conflict at any cost. One minute spent in a conflict is equivalent to 100 years of creative consciousness flight.

I have noticed that there has been a lot of advice in past to stop trying to please everybody, to go into a conflict just to learn to stand my grounds. I hate conflict though. Conflicts are really extremely boring. And my grounds are up in the air. So they can’t be taken anyway. I ditched all conflict advice into a garbage can. I am people pleaser. And it feels great. You know what is boring and smells foul? Conflict.

There are times when conflicts are not avoidable. Conflicts for a common cause. I would join, still working out all possibilities to remove this conflict as soon as possible.

Through this conflict avoidance I have done un-right to some friends of mine.
At the moment my friends went into a dark negativity about everything and everyone, into some fear driven gossip and exaggerated conspiracy, rather than trying to discuss it through with them, getting them out of it – I went away.

In the future I will be stronger and wiser. I will handle it wiser. Now – I do apologize to my friends whom I left in this way. I can’t fly with stones of fear, gossip and negativity bound to my feet. For now those stones are your stones and once you drop them – I will be happy to fly together again. Cause I love you, same as before. Just can’t stand the stones.

I am still just a girl, who loves her family, her husband, her friends, who has tremendous respect for her partners and colleagues, a girl aspiring to become a healer, a girl who wants to drop another 30 pounds of weight, a girl creating fitness and health movement, a girl who loves fashion, a girl aspiring financial independence.  And please, don’t even venture into some drag about impossibility to do all these things at once. In the time one is talking about freaking impossibility – we are done twice, and start a new project! 🙂

And no, I am not possessed by lizard people. And yes my soul is 100% original soul. Not a filament of some weird kind. 🙂

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