Chapter 219: I have been cleaning today…

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MASSIVE KAPOW starts with a great clean. Rather then working the whole day – my normal Saturday routine – I have started cleaning from the top of Villa De Coco. Yes, Villa de Coco – is the name of the place where I live and work.

7 boxes with books covered in dust came out from the 3rd floor. I am sure those books have spent 6 years in the boxes. I call these boxes – boxes because this is what they originally have been. However in time, Warabei – my cat, did scratch them all into something resembling papier mache art work.

I have cleaned all books and sorted them into the book shelf in the office room, resisting temptation to read while cleaning. Focus. Focus is Gold.

I have been focusing on one room only. Two hours later the room looked better – but still crowded with stuff. Tempted to stop there, I took a cup of coffee and continued.

Another two hours later. Then another two hours. And then two hours more. And even more….

I continued the next day. My shamanic tools all neatly stored in a dedicated space. A space for practice emerged out of nowhere. The schedule for practice emerged. Exercise manual by Samuel Sagan neatly printed and stored on the top of shamanic tools.

P.S. If the chick in the pic was me – she would be washing her BMW 5L. Why? Two reasons: 1) Support German Car Manufacturing 2) Drive your BMW 5L to any bank in Germany, enter the room, put the key on the table and you will receive any credit, always. 🙂

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