Chapter 217: I am back and rumbling!

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I have sat down to write my blog. And I have no idea what to write about. Not that I have no ideas. Better – there are multiple huge things happening at the same time, witch makes it difficult to calm down and catch a single thought.

Aha, a managed to catch a single thought. I went to Germany for 10 days in February: Great meetings for Perfect Tights distribution and fantastic stay at my parents. Sugar free? Cancelled. 🙂 So much nice food at home!

Gained few pounds and it feels … great! Because I know – my additional pounds consist out of my favorite home food and because I know how to get them off in short time. So, I am taking few days to recalibrate before going into the next Phase FOUR battle of my Online Fitness Game.

Workload is tremendous. But we will get it all done. Step by step. Jump by jump. Leap by leap. I am ready to leap. I am ready for a quantum leap.

And! Please get ready for the step, jump, and leap too. Let’s continue from where we left it at.

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