Chapter 216: “Victory is inevitable!” ~ Coco Tomātl

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Opening The Blue Envelope is an act of great courage. It takes a warrior to admit consideration to surrender. The great news is – once on the path of the warrior, the subliminal intent will take us to our goal eventually. Eventually we will lose weight! Eventually we will become financially independent! Eventually we will make the world a better place, help people and heal fear.

Our second mind does not want us to achieve any greatness. Our second mind will always keep us in fear at one lever or another. Fear itself is not a problem. The real problem is – that we are giving away our freedom of decision once afraid. It manifests itself in procrastination. Procrastination is nothing else but giving away our freedom of decision. Because if we don’t decide something for a long enough time, somebody else decides for us. Always.

Analysis of our second mind, its causes, its motivation and its origin is of less importance. Although our second mind very much wants us to start analyzing it, because this is when we start spending ages in digging into some constructs which this mind did helpfully constructed for us to dig in.

Once our body receives clean nutrition and daily exercise – two thirds of our 2nd mind disappear, evaporate. The Princes of Boredom and The Sneaky Deserve It Troll evaporate. At this point it becomes increasingly easier to defeat it.

As warriors we are always alert. We know that any talk about boredom, us deserving something, any negative rubbish in our head is not ours. We fight it by stratagem. We wait for the most advantageous time to strike back. We chose our battle field. If we are tired, we don’t fight. We only fight at conditions which are advantageous for us. We do not blame ourselves. What other people may call failure – we call periods of recuperation. We may have as many recuperation periods as we need. We are fighting against extremely powerful enemy, deserving a lot of respect. Nevertheless we are looking forward to defeat this enemy any time soon!

“Victory is inevitable!” ~ Coco Tomātl

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