Chapter 204: Consistency is the key to momentum.

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I have been working diligently on my Fitness Game for the past four days, preparing to welcome 200 women, new warriors into the weight loss game. Guerilla Fighters Kits have been prepared, videos produced etc. etc.

I have been so diligent indeed that I stopped posting my blogs and this is something I better should not do. It is not even about being strict to one self. I do not believe that being strict works well for performance. It is just that I figured that writing my posts keeps me alert and on track with my weight loss routine.

There is a great positive correlation with me posting regularly (which would be almost daily) and following my routine. Analyzing my blog posting behavior of previous year I can say with full responsibility – most pounds have been lost when I was posting daily for an extended period of time. Somehow blogging creates this momentum. Writing a blog post is like a dot at the end of the sentence. I have learned to do it at the end of the day after all other parts of my weight loss routine are accomplished.

I even have created an exercise called Blogging in my loseit account to visualize this daily action. Consistency is the key to momentum. I will actively schedule daily blogging as part of my weight loss routine because it worked so well in past.

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