Chapter 203: Next time you catch a cold, please ask yourself this question.

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I will keep it very short today.

I have noticed that catching a cold has a second meaning in my life.

Each and every time I am on a verge of a major breakthrough, on a verge of something great happening shall I take this one next step… I catch a cold.

I am working on the new video for a selected number of women to enter the next battle of my online Fitness Game. I have been telling myself for 7 days straight to go out and to shoot this video. The very same day when shooting was finally scheduled – I woke up with a heavy cold. This cold lasted for exactly 24 hours. After which I kicked myself out into the middle of my rice field and made the video!

Today I dare to say that what appears to be acommon cold, is not a cold at all, but a common cold sabotage. Analyzing what has been happening in my life for the past two years (and change has been tremendous), I have noticed that any cold in my particular case is the last try of the 2nd mind to sabotage me, the last try of so-called self-sabotage.

Luckily a cold which would last for two weeks two years ago is kindly forced to leave 24 hours upon entrance nowadays. She has been recognized and therefore I ask her to leave immediately once she enters.

Next time you catch a cold, please ask your self this one question– on a verge of which breakethough are you now? And then – ask her to leave. 24 hours max. No more.

Thank you very much for reading and good night!

Jane Rene Maria

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