Chapter 201: What am I doing here? The Power of the Mission!

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– Think Jane, if you blog every day about weight loss what will you achieve?

– I will help my warriors to lose weight, Coco.

– Is weight loss a purpose or mean?

– It is a mean.

– Mean to what?

– Mean to set free one’s True Self.

– Why weight loss?

– Because this is the fastest and easiest way for a woman to get rid of the negative thinking. Anything else is much more difficult to start with.

– Why the need to set anything free, Jane? What is holding the True Selves captive?

– Fear enslaves the True Self.

– So what is your ultimate goal Jane?

– To heal FEAR!

– How are you going to do it?

– I am going to create an unprecedented in its set up and effectiveness Healing World, healing FEAR in everyone in this world.

– If this is what you are doing – tell the world about it! Say it! Put it in word! This is how the energetic fundament of your Healing World will come to life. This is how people who want to help you, who are meant to help you on your incredible mission will know to find you, to join you, to share this mission with you and to manifest it into being!

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