Chapter 197: Get Ready to Start your New Invasion! [TAOFW dispatch 20170105]

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Ok girls, we are on the verge of starting our new invasion. Therefore – report to duty! Is everybody ready? No? Great! Neither am I. But guess what? It is not important whether we are ready. It is important that we are in motion. And this motion started few days ago. You have got impatient. Now you know why the feeling. You have started moving already!

I went to the Ascend App, the tool helping me to look over warriors’ progress in Loseit in and have seen first movers after holiday season.

Stella Luna Sylvia started stalking enemy’s territory (logging her food and exercise intake in Loseit) on Monday 2nd January! Great. Keep on stalking Stella, prepare for deployment!

Beruthiel started stalking enemy’s territory on Tuesday the 3rd January. Great! Keep on logging Beruthiel, keep on warming up!

Michele, Renu please report back to Loseit and start stalking enemy’s territory aka logging your daily calories intake and exercise amount. Start warming up.

To all Fitness Game warriors: Get ready for the next campaign. Report back to Loseit and start stalking enemy’s territory.

All girls and guys who want to repeat your Phase ONE – put into the comment below: REPEAT.

Hugs, Jane Rene Maria.

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