Chapter 196: About China Central Heating, Goals and Perfect Webinar.

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No house to the South of Huai River knows any central heating in China. There is no central heating in Shanghai. There is no central heating in my house. The only way to warm a house is by air-conditioning, which is not sustainable and therefore mostly used for bedroom only.

During the day, outside of the house it feels warmer than inside. I wear winter clothes and winter shoes indoors all the time starting with 1st November till the end of March. It is a tricky business to get exercise motivation in such a cold. So I decided to mix up the cards and rather than starting with rope jumping or any other exercise, I started with steam sauna. It is very funny actually, during summer months I could not spend more than 5 minutes inside of the sauna. But now – 20 minutes at a time feel like heaven. After taking online classes at Fapagetrafficacademy and Ignite, I spent 60 minutes in steam sauna to wake me up and to motivate me to start moving.

Once done with sauna, Poodle, my little dog and I went for a 45 minutes walk through the dark neighboring villages. There is indeed no light. Just the little bit of light coming out of the yellow and blue lit windows of village houses spread across the rice fields in uneven clusters.

Now back, sitting on the first floor I am brewing my evening lemon ginger tea and summarizing the goals I have listed for my Fitness Game journey.

  1. Quit smoking – DONE
  2. Stop drinking alcohol – DONE
  3. Develop own fashion product – DONE
  4. Develop my Online Fitness Game (fully functioning Member’s area with daily Members support by email).
    • Phase ONE – DONE
    • Phase TWO – Work in progress
    • Phase THREE
    • Phase FOUR
    • Phase FIVE
    • Phase SIX
  5. Lose 10 pounds – DONE
  6. Lose 20 pounds – DONE
  7. Lose 30 pounds – DONE
  8. Lose 40 pounds – Work In Progress
  9. Lose 50 pounds
  10. Lose 60 pounds
  11. 10000 women wearing Perfect Tights
    • 100 women wearing Perfect Tights – DONE
    • 500 women wearing Perfect Tights – Work in Progress
    • 1000 women wearing Perfect Tights
    • 5000 women wearing Perfect Tights
    • 10000 women wearing Perfect Tights

This list helps me focus: the most important skill nowadays. I wish you all a nice evening and go upstaires to continue writing out Perfect Webinar explaining Perfect Tights to all ladies across the world.

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