Chapter 195: This is why neither I am afraid nor ashamed to say…

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Coco called me in the morning, at 8 am to be exact and told me without any introduction: “It is all great Jane, but enough blabla. Please resume your weight loss routine, fix two last emails in the Phase ONE, and populate Phase TWO and Phase THREE in the membership area of my Online Fitness Game. Call me once done. Call me fourteen days later. Bye.” Yeah. She can be that tough. Fourteen days later? Jeez.. Is it enough time?

I got up and here I am resuming my Phase FOUR of my Fitness Game.

What does Phase FOUR mean? In the first place it means that I successfully finished Phases ONE, TWO and THREE, 10 pounds weight loss each.

My total weight loss goal is 60 pounds. I want to go from 187 to 127 pounds. Currently I am 30 pounds into my Fitness Game, body weight 157 pounds. Three Phases or shall I say three Campaigns of my Fitness Game are won! And now is time for the Phase number FOUR!

What do I need? First and foremost, without any doubt, without any second thought, without any reservations whatsoever I need a pair of Perfect Tights. Perfect Tights help me to achieve my fitness goals!

Perfect Tights:

1) Mildly suppress appetite if worn daily 6 to 10 hours. Help me lose interest in junk food and make healthy food choices. Help me not to eat after 6pm [Caffeine].
2) Enhance lymphatic flow and general circulation [Ricinus Communis and Compression Cut].
3) Increase endurance [Ricinus Communis].
4) Reduce inflammation and swelling of joints and tissues [Ricinus Communis].
5) Promote fast healing of (sport related) micro injuries [Ricinus Communis].
6) Promote reduction of midsection fat [Ricinus Communis].
7) Increase my metabolic rate [Caffeine].
8) Reduce fatigue [Caffeine].
9) Prevent sagging skin [Retinyl Palmitate].
10) Normalize or increase fat burning [Oleic Acid]

Is it a promotional speech? These are effects of Perfect Tights I have personally tested through and through by myself! These are the effects of Perfect Tights helping me and all Fitness Game warriors lose weight.

Everybody who follows my blog from the beginning knows that there are two goals I am going for on this journey (that I know of as per today). Goal number one is to lose a bunch of weight, to weight travel back in time and to find my true self, the one who dares greatly and lives fully. The one who is not afraid! The one who makes a difference! The one who changes lives! The one who heals fear!

Goal number two is to become financially independent with my very own fashion product. This is where the motivation came from to develop a fashion product capable of changing lives, fashion product capable of changing my life first and then changing your life, and her life, and his life!

This is why neither I am afraid nor ashamed to say – if you want to lose weight together with me – get your own pair of Perfect Tights and become a free member of my Fitness Game. I am in my Phase FOUR, you will be in your Phase ONE, then TWO, and then THREE until we all arrive at our final destination – the life without fear!

Ok, back to Phase FOUR. I have been in maintenance mode since quite some time. So, what do I do exactly?

1) Perfect Tights on – check!

2) Resume my food logging routine in Loseit – check!

3) Rope jumping 6000 jumps a day – check! (Don’t panic please, this is Phase FOUR routine).

4) Stretching – have to figure out what stretching to do. Or shall I do yoga instead? Hmm. Need to think about it. I really have a problem with gaining weight while doing yoga. Happens every time, when I start doing yoga 7 pounds weight gain are guaranteed. I know it is not fat. I know it will pass. But it does not help to stay motivated. I will consult Coco on it.

5) Steam sauna 30 min a day. (It is very cold now, so steam sauna sounds like heaven).

6) Ginger / Lemon tea every morning and every evening.

7) Fasting 8/16 2 times a week.

8) Blogging: daily. Extremely important.

9) Others – to be consulted with Coco.

Phase FOUR, Fitness Game! Here I come!

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