Chapter 193: Today I don’t promise a thing! I just stuff my mouth shut with chocolate…

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How many times have you postponed something till tomorrow? A lot! I don’t know about you, but I did it a lot! And I am still doing it.

Not later then yesterday, I have been instructed to start my daily Facebook life broadcast and secretly terrified I postponed my first broadcast to today. And today I have postponed my first broadcast till tomorrow.

Even better: there are people out there waiting for my Perfect Tights poster to start selling Perfect Tights in their stores. And what am I doing? I keep postponing poster creation till tomorrow. I have done most of work already, like getting all poster content and components together. Just need to send all components to guys to finish my poster. But I just keep postponing it.

Coco pointed out to me that this way of postponing is nothing else but a THEFT. She said I am stealing my own life time and life time of all those people who are waiting for my poster and for my broadcast. “Waiting time is stolen time!”– That’s what she said, yeah.

“I have a reason for this delay.” – I told her. “I am very busy.”

“This is an imaginary reason.” – She yawned. “You should have known better. If you are as busy as you think you are, you should not commit to any poster.”

I can’t believe it! She actually called me a thief. I was offended for three minutes straight. How dares she?! And then it dawned on me: she is bloody right!

There are people in my life, who with I have agreed upon something after hours of talk and mutual understanding, who would just let me wait for ages until they have time to fulfill their part of agreement.

And this never ending waiting, reminding, reminding, reminding, waiting – almost killed me, both financially and spiritually in the past!

Am I any better? I would like to think I am, but most likely I am not. There are people out there waiting for: 1) my poster 2) my broadcast 3) Phase THREE of the Fitness Game.

“You have this tool to your disposal, Jane – your mouth. Once a word is out – the Rule of Water applies: you have to act upon your words no matter what. If you are not to act upon your words – keep your tool idle. Don’t promise to yourself or to anybody else anything you can’t or won’t act upon as for this is theft of yours and other people precious life time!”

OMG! How about that for a Friday night?

Disturbed and motivated by this short exchange of opinions I have decided to promise that I will address one thing I have postponed per day, no per day is too much, per week … starting … TOMORROW. OMG, this tomorrow again!

Today I don’t promise a thing! I just tape my tool, my mouth shut with adhesive tape!!! No, I better stuff it with chocolate. It is nicer then any adhesive tape.

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