Chapter 192: A lot of dog and very little cat!

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I have a lot of dog these days and very little cat. This is a critical imbalance.

There are dogs all around me, putting their little paws on my Perfect Tights, leaving their footsteps all around my legs. Those marks are easily removed but even then who wants to keep clapping dust out of their pants 24/7?

Cat is still playing shadow, coming in and going at night. I understand now how an empty bowl of food can make one happy. The bowl is empty – my cat is alive!

A lot of dog and very little cat!

There is a positive development though. Two out of 5 puppies have been adopted. Three puppies are still looking for their new home: Apricot (because he shares same color with an apricot), Pomodor (for no reason) and Mopje (because he looks exactly like a little fluffy mop).

It hurts giving them away. It hurts keeping them. Life hurts. All fine by now.

I am rambling on and on. But in the mean time this dog and cat imbalance is nothing else but manifestation of my FEAR, where army of puppies is taking hostage my full attention just to make sure that none of it is left to facilitate and to navigate CHANGE.

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