Chapter 190: I opened my eyes and could not believe it…

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I opened my eyes and could not believe it… Where am I? It is cold. A world full of … dogs? And who is that? A cat?

Coming back from school it took me 7 days to get into a more or less right body position or shall I say state of mind to go through with My Fitness Game and Perfect Tights, my projects which make me fly.

There are a lot of little changes to get used to. Out of a sudden it is winter and it is cold. My BF left to visit his family for three full weeks. I am alone in a huge house with 7 dogs and one cat.

Cat actually went on strike. He is coming home only at night. I have not seen him for best part of the week and I only know that he has been there by half empty cup of cat food. His food is strategically placed on the top of refrigerator and none of the dogs did figure out yet how to mount a refrigerator. Therefore I assume it is my cat eating the food.

As most of you may know my whole life undergoes large restructuring. Work is changing as well. So once I came back to work after two weeks school in tropics, I was a bit disoriented. I even managed to fall back into my ancient suffering habit for full three days, the one where I allow the circumstances to take hold of me.

I am not sure which of the enemies it was. Most likely again the joined forces of Sneaky-Deserve-It-Troll and Nasty-It-Not-Good-Enough. They are particularly powerful once working in tandem.

I am out of this suffering mode today with understanding that any circumstances causing me massive emotional distraction are boring. I will try not manifasting them anymore.

I feel relieved and happy to be around you, my readers, my warriors, my true inspirations!

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