Chapter 185: Don’t forget to be awesome!

Once upon a time there was a girl. Her name was same as yours. She had same color eyes as yours; same color and even length of hair as yours. Well let’s save time and say – this girl were you.

One day a wizard came and said: “You have two choices here my dear. First choice is – to be and to feel AWESOME. And second choice is – NOT TO.” Whatever you take – is yours forever. You will not be able to make your choice undone under any circumstances. Therefore think well.”

This girls (who is you) was a diligent one. She took enough time to think and rethink her choice. It was a tough call. But she has chosen to be and to feel … AWESOME. Although she knew – once her choice is made she will never be able to be anything else but awesome – she has taken the risk.

Years passed by, until one day like today this girl (who is you) saw a blog post. She opened it why? Because the title of the blog post sounded very familiar. She recognized it, although she was not sure why. The title read: “Don’t forget to be awesome!”

She opened the blog post. Read it. Endless shivers covered her body. She remembered something she has inexplicably forgotten! She remembered her choice, the one which can not be undone! She remembered that long ago she has chosen to be and feel AWESOME!

“Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!” – She heard the birds singing.

“Promise that you will never forget your choice again.” – Warm wind whirl carried Wizard’s whisper…

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