Chapter 181: Reading game rules and playing the game are two different disciplines…

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Reading game rules and playing the game are two different disciplines. Most people get their satisfaction from reading the rules. This is why they face difficulties getting ahead.

Playing the game – this is what makes the difference!

In My Fitness Game I am talking to a space very deep inside you. I am talking directly to your heart, to your center of balance, helping you feeling it, warming it up, waking it up, cleaning it and putting it into the driver’s seat.

Most of the time, I try to bypass the rational mind so that your inner self rolls up its sleeves, initiates and facilitates your weight loss.

Your daily game play; instructions you receive through daily email dispatch, are hidden powers pushing you through time, changing your existent paradigm, re-creating your once existent direct connection to your body.

Throughout the program listen to your body and signs it is giving to you. Follow these signs. The day will come when your body will take over and you will know exactly by intuition what is best for you and what is to be done.

Play the game with me. Get into the flow. Make your hot body puzzle avatar if you haven’t yet. Set up your battle field journal, your blog, – if you haven’t yet. Join the Group – if you haven’t yet. Make your Week ZERO video – if you haven’t yet. Write your ‘What have I lost?’ post – if you haven’t yet. Set up your Stalking Grounds, your Loseit account – if you haven’t yet. Start stalking enemy’s territory, logging your daily exercise and food. Read your daily dispatches and take your daily action, play, play, play daily.

There are so many experts analyzing the My Fitness Game. But there is nothing to analyze. This is a game. A game to trick our mind into believing that we are playing a harmless game, while actually we are travelling in time, shedding off those pounds getting skinny, fearless and young again. If we think our mind is willing to get us there – we are very wrong. Our mind is solely interested in keeping us overweight and in fear as opposed to our untamed and freedom seeking heart.

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