Chapter 179: First pass the dangerous SEVEN. Then get to lucky 23!

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How to calculate your chances to succeed when you start forming a new habit? This is how we do it My Fitness Game Phase ONE.

Phase ONE is the first phase where girls are really losing weight. This is the habit forming Phase. The amount of weight lost is either 10 pounds or 1/6 of the total aspired weight loss target (in case the total weight loss target is above 60lbs). Modal duration of Phase ONE of My Fitness Game is 30 days.

First 7 days appear to be the most crucial. In general, about 58% of people quit in the first 7 days after attempting to start a new life (to form a new habit).

Getting past the dangerous SEVEN – triples one’s chances for success.

This is the list of chances for success depending on amount of days you have followed through with your routine:

Day 1: 12%

Day 2: 13%

Day 3: 18%

Day 4: 20%

Day 5-6: 25%

Day 7: 29%

Day 8-12: 33%

Day 13-17: 40%

Day 18-21: 50%

Day 22: 67%

Day 23-30: 100%

Once you arrived at Day 23 – you have 100% chance to succeed with your Phase ONE of My Fitness Game. Make an effort to pass the dangerous SEVEN and then to get to lucky day number 23!

I am sure it works similar way for any other habit forming process. Let me know what your experiences are. Thank you!

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