Chapter 175: Day 3 of 40 days marathon, Phase FOUR is done…

The day is not finished yet. While I am writing – there are still two things left to do: 6000 jumps and steam sauna. I will get there! Although the Deserve-It-Troll whines for 2 hours already that I should better watch some movies and relax.

He keeps forgetting that I have already watched some movies today. Forgetful little beast!

I better go before he starts talking about me deserving some sleep, because I cannot fight him on that. We all have to sleep at night…

And by the way, coming back to the yesterdays post: how many times a month are we allowed to be disappointed with ourselves? The answer is – NONE. We are not allowed to be disappointed with ourselves. We are supposed to be nice to ourselves instead of hurting ourselves over and over and over again. Think about it for a minute and start being nice to yourself.

P.S. Being nice to yourself does not mean being nice to Deserve-It-Troll. Although he lives in each and every one of us, he is not really a part of us… He is kind of an uninvited guest who came for a weekend and stayed forever…

About: Hi! I am Jane Rene Maria and this is my secret blog about losing 60 pounds and becoming financially independent, both with my own fashion product Perfect Tights and unique Art of Fat War Weight Loss System. If you like what you are reading, if you like adventure – please follow my blog. It is an honor to be writing for you! If you want to lose 20 pounds or more – join The Art of Fat War FB group and become an Art of Fat War member

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