Chapter 175: Day 3 of 40 days marathon, Phase FOUR is done…

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The day is not finished yet. While I am writing – there are still two things left to do: 6000 jumps and steam sauna. I will get there! Although the Deserve-It-Troll whines for 2 hours already that I should better watch some movies and relax.

He keeps forgetting that I have already watched some movies today. Forgetful little beast!

I better go before he starts talking about me deserving some sleep, because I cannot fight him on that. We all have to sleep at night…

And by the way, coming back to the yesterdays post: how many times a month are we allowed to be disappointed with ourselves? The answer is – NONE. We are not allowed to be disappointed with ourselves. We are supposed to be nice to ourselves instead of hurting ourselves over and over and over again. Think about it for a minute and start being nice to yourself.

P.S. Being nice to yourself does not mean being nice to Deserve-It-Troll. Although he lives in each and every one of us, he is not really a part of us… He is kind of an uninvited guest who came for a weekend and stayed forever…

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