Chapter 170: First It Felt Like Opening My Luggage at Customs…

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Starting my own blog was quite a scary exercise.
“What if somebody reads it?” – I remember asking.
Coco could not stop laughing for several minutes.
“I hope somebody reads it, yes! This is the purpose of a blog!”
What initially felt like opening my luggage at customs – turned out to be a very strong guerrilla fighter.
Live journal makes sure I do not forget my beginnings, my struggles, and successes.
Live journal helps me recognize my behavior patterns.
Live journal helps me to feel love of my audience.
Live journal makes sure I recognize the enemy when I encounter it for the second time.
Because you know what happens if we do not write down things?
We forget our history.

If we do not write down things everything happens to us for the first time – OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!

“Everything New is Well-forgotten Old”. This is the world where we reside in.
Without our own little history book we spend ages cultivating and walking our own private vicious circles.
For all My Fitness Game members – your live journal is the mean to meet yourself face-to-face; the only way in fact to disrupt your vicious circles.
Your live journal holds you accountable towards people to whom your transformation really matters: your audience.
The happiest moments of a live journal are to see your readers’ circle emerging and growing.

Today we have 1500 readers on Facebook.
119 readers on WordPress.
And while I was writing this post – 5 more girls followed Coco Tomātl on Facebook and 1 – on WP.

Thank you to all my readers, warriors and fans! All girls and guys who support me and Coco through this turbulent journey! With Love.

Jane Rene Maria

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