Chapter 165: Rational mind as a weight loss coach?

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– An important thing to understand Jane is that your rational mind is actually of limited value in questions of weight loss. I would dare to state it is of limited value for most important questions to be answered during your life time.

– ??!

– You may believe to be a rational being. But this is one of the biggest shadows we are living in. This ratio we all believe to have is in reality not quite accessible to us.

– ??! I am not sure I agree…

– Tell me one thing: would your rational mind advise anybody to gain 67 pounds of extra weight, start smoking and drinking alcohol, get all burned out and depressed and as a consequence to shorten their life span?

– NO!!! Certainly not!

– Why did your rational mind not stop you from doing all those things?

– I don’t know…

– If your rational mind is as rational as you believe it to be, than somehow it did rationalize to your great and quite dangerous disadvantage. If it is as rational as you think – it should have stopped you.

– May be I did not have access to my rational mind for some time… And then all these things happened.

– Ok, sounds like a may be. But it does not change the fact that you rational mind is a tricky concept to rely on in questions of life importance. Because either it does not have your best interest in mind or it can become inaccessible to you quite easy when you need it most. Would you rely on a weight loss advisor who has a track record of making people overweight?

– No… I guess not. But if I can not really rely on my rational mind, what is there to rely on, Coco?

– Your spirit. The truly rational mind as we use to define it – is solely accessible through your spirit. You may start trying to ignore loud rambling of your mind in favor of soft whisper of your spirit Jane, the force which kept you alive for all these long years.

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