Chapter 164: Rambling on about Yoga and Stuff…

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Coco told me I should start with yoga in the Phase THREE of My Fitness Game.  I remember I started, did it for two days, started gaining weight and therefore abandoned it. Yoga strengthens muscles; which is reflected in temporary weight loss stagnation or even weight gain. And I was very impatient to lose weight. So I stopped doing yoga without giving it any proper try.

And as a matter of fact I could get away with it in Phase THREE. But not in Phase FOUR…

The main goal of the Phase FOUR is stated in such a way that I can’t help but do yoga. Because otherwise – no idea how to meet my Phase FOUR target.

I thought I just need to lose another 10 pounds. What can be easier? I have done it three times already! But guess what? Be prepared for overnight landscape changes where Coco is involved. Like, you set up your camp at a river side, go to sleep without any second thought and wake up on the top of a mountain, because during the night Coco managed either to reroute the river bed and pile up a mountain instead, or to take your whole camp and move it God knows where…

I am doing 90 minutes Ashtanga. I have done it with an instructor before, so it is easy for me to follow my favorite Ashtanga class from Youtube. Initially it was a challenge to fit yoga into my routine. After multiple trials and errors I managed to squeeze it into my mourning schedule, prior to work.

I am trying to do 90 minutes every second day, but sometimes 60 minutes is max what I can handle. I am telling you – if I manage to hit the target of Phase FOUR – I think my total Fitness Battle will be as good as won.

Remaining things will be just small cosmetic fine-tuning whatever. Unless Coco has some other unexpected challenge in her mind for Phase FIVE… She probably does… Oh my! Most certainly she does.

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