Chapter 161: About Stress, Life, Candles, Sails and Different Kind of Winds…

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– If our precious life is a candle, Jane,

Stress will be the wind…

Leave your candle in the wind of any kind,

And one of two scenarios will come to pass…

Either the candle will burn out up to 4 times faster or…?

What else can happen?

What do you think?

– I don’t know, Coco.

The candle can be…blown out?

– That’s right.

Protect your candle, Jane.

Stay out of any unnecessary winds.

– How do I know whether a wind is unnecessary, Coco?

– It’s easy my love.

Each and every wind, which blows onto your candle, is unnecessary.

Each and every wind which blows into your sails – does not blow onto your candle.

Whether you believe me or not …

There is no wind which will blow into your sails and onto your candle at the same time.

Different kind of winds…those are different kind of winds…

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