Chapter 156: Excess weight is fire in the house… (?!?)

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The bottle neck theory states that there can be never more then one bottle neck (real problem) at the same point in time. An overused example would be: Imagine you wake up in the morning and you are A) Late for work, you may get fired B) Hungry C) Your house in on fire. What is the real bottle neck here? How many problems do you really have at the moment you wake up? You have 30 minutes to submit your answer. I’ll wait.

Those of you who thought you have three problems – turned to ashes (sorry to say that). At the moment you woke up you had one single bottle neck / problem – fire in your house.

Every time your head is boiling up overwhelmed with problems – think of this example, find your fire in the house and extinguish it.

What does it mean for weight loss? Let’s say – excess weight is fire in the house…

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