Chapter 146: Dispatch #3 The Most Neglected Secret of Skinny Women

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Ok girls; please pay attention because this is important.

Skinny women are skinny because they learned to hold their grounds.

Skinny women have learned to stop enemy’s invasion immediately after it did set its foot on their territory.

What does it mean?

Skinny women as any other women have family dinners, friend reunions, holidays and other events alike where they gain 2-4 pounds extra weight.

Skinny women monitor their weight and get rid of these extra pounds immediately using increased exercise and / or (healthy) fasting.

Getting read of 4 new extra pounds is very easy.

Just skip your dinner for 4 nights in a row (also known as 8 / 16 fasting) and voila, 4 pounds are gone.

Skinny women hold their weight and take immediate action once it changes.

Start holding your grounds today.

No matter how much weight you need to lose – each and every time you drop to a new lower level – this new level becomes your front line.

Protect is wisely and when needed – fiercely.

Your Fitness Game campaign will consist of multiple invasions ever deeper into enemy’s territory followed by holding your grounds periods.

A holding your grounds period may last few days or few weeks. Enjoy it.

Remember, each and every time you are holding your grounds – you are mastering the core habit to maintain your new weight and to eventually remain skinny.

One Reply to “Chapter 146: Dispatch #3 The Most Neglected Secret of Skinny Women”

  1. That is spot on! I always had to look after my weight and when i gained, i stopped and changed my lifestyle for a while and all was okay. After pregnancy it is different and no matter what i do, i am not loosing anything. Hope to change it now so that in the future i can rely on my old method.

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