Chapter 144: Battle for 40lbs Started

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Those of you who follow my blog for some time may remember my goal list? It is time for an up-date.

  • Quit smoking – DONE
  • Stop drinking alcohol – DONE
  • Develop own fashion product – DONE
  • Develop My Fitness Game Play – DONE
  • Lose 10 pounds – DONE
  • Lose 20 pounds – DONE
  • Lose 30 pounds – DONE
  • Lose 40 pounds – Work In Progress
  • Lose 50 pounds
  • Lose 60 pounds
  • Make my first million.– Work In Progress

The previous 30lbs battle was a siege. Once the Great City of 30 lbs has been taken – I have taken five weeks maintenance break. It was much needed as the rules of the game have changed. This is how it goes in both our life and in My Fitness Game: the ground rules change constantly and it makes sense to take notice.

Summer heat made me jumping rope indoors. The new routine of module 4 shifted my exercising hours from late in the evening to early in the morning.

I have mentioned before that Module 4 instructions by Coco are as unexpected as a thunder from a clear sky. I will not reveal them yet. It will spoil the jaw dropping effect. I expect lots of jaws including my own drop once the battle for 40lbs is over.

Weight: minus 30.8 lbs. Thigh CMF: minus 3.5”, Hip CMF: minus 4.7”, Waist CMF: minus 6.3”

Routine: Perfect Tights – wearing the whole day and during exercise. Exercise – 1 hour moderate rope jumping per day (6000 jumps/hour). Ashtanga Yoga 90 min per day. Stretching.

Food – logging my calories intake @ Three 8-16 fasting days per week.

3 Replies to “Chapter 144: Battle for 40lbs Started”

      1. According to Dr. Joel Wallach, the body needs 90 essential nutrients. He is well known for “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie.”
        Many Blessings!


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