Chapter 140: Dispatch #2 To the Girls Participating in My Fitness Game #1

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Hi girls! Thank you very much for taking My Fitness Game for a test drive! I am super excited and very much looking forward to “weight travel” with you!

Why do I call it “weight travel”? A lot of us have this time in the past when we had our perfect weight. Mine is year 2000, age – young, weight – 127 pounds. What is yours? How about weight travelling there?

Tanja, Virpi, Mollie, Karen, Silvie, Renu and Mitra: all of you become our All Inclusive My Fitness Game Members for the time of the test drive.

All Inclusive My Fitness Game players enjoy direct contact to me or to one of our certified coaches, FREE access to all My Fitness Game digital products, FREE access to Perfect Tights and other physical My Fitness Game guerilla fighters.

Anyone else who joins the testing wave becomes our FREE member, having free access to our digital products but not the physical ones 🙂

All of you have different weight loss goals. Let’s make it fun for every body!

The goal of our test drive is threefold:

  • To make you drop 20 pounds. (If you want to go beyond that – no problem. Let’s talk once your 20lbs battle is fought.:-)
  • To test and calibrate our program.
  • To build real life cases and testimonials for My Fitness Game and Perfect Tights.

For testimonial purpose we will be interviewing you early in program and during the program. Furthermore we will teach you how to document your progress on video, which will form an important part of your testimonial and the key motivational tool for you. Please kindly note that by participating in our program you grant your permission to QUANTUMFACTORY Ltd., Co. (my company) and her affiliates to use your photographs, videos and testimonials in our communication.

Please follow the link below to set up your membership account, watch all videos you can find in the membership area one by one and do your homework for Phase ZERO: LAYING PLANS AND STALKING ENEMIES TERRITORY! I will start jumping on your head with questions about your homework starting … let me think … aha, starting tomorrow! 🙂

While you are doing your preparations and your homework in Phase ZERO – I am uploading the second Phase of My Fitness Game: Phase ONE: MARCHING THROUGH OWN TERRITORY. This will be the phase where you will say Adieu to the first (and for some of you the last) 10 pounds.

Hugs, Jane Rene Maria

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