Chapter 138: How to Take Care of Perfect Tights

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Hi girls!

Now that the ultra secret parcels #1 with Perfect Tights arrived at your destinations across the globe – the new instructions follow. Rather then meditating on the sealed parcel – unseal it and start integrating Perfect Tights into your daily wardrobe. In plain words – start wearing the tights every day. For 6 to 10 hours depending on your daily routine.

But – before you do so, please take the following measurements:

1) Your waist circumference

2) Your hip circumference

3) Your thigh circumference

Why? Because those will start shrinking and we want to know by how much!

Once you start wearing Perfect Tights I anticipate the following aha experiences:

– OMG! Perfect Tights feel some kind of cooling in hot weather!

– Or another one: The stains are so easy to be removed! Just slap on the stain couple of times and it is gone! (this is particularly great for those of us with little children 🙂

– Or another one: My legs just look perfect!

– Or another one: I feel like having much more energy while wearing the tights!

– And on the top of that: Am I dreaming or are my hips really melting down? LOL

Perfect Tights is a wearable food supplement, supplying your system with healthy weight loss enhancing components. You can find the table with all components at the back side of the Perfect Tights packaging. The garment has multiple positive effects and hits its top performance during exercise. This is your guerilla fighter in your Fat War Campaign.

So if you are about to wear Perfect Tights every day – the natural question arises: how to take care of them? I suggest washing your tights COLD every second or third day in 35 minutes hand wash cycle of your washing machine. Washing powder or soap is not needed. Don’t leave the garment lying wet in the washing machine. Hang it out to dry and it will do so in a mater of 30 to 60 minutes, depending on humidity of the space where you dry them. Do not wash in hot water, and do not tumble dry. Tumble dryer is the serial killer of any garment 🙂

Please let me know if you have any questions about how to care for the garment. And please share your aha experiences!!!

I am almost done with My Fitness Game membership area. Stay tuned for the link to log in!

Warm regards, Jane Rene Maria

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