Chapter 137: Dispatch #1 To the Girls Participating in My Fitness Game #1

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Dear girls participating in My Fitness Game #1! I am super excited because the first parcels left the base!

Today five parcels left for five destinations: Singapore, Germany, The Netherlands, USA and Slovenia. Each parcel carries four things:

– Perfect Tights and Jumping Rope.

– The Yellow Envelope.

– The Blue Envelope.

Perfect Tights and Jumping Rope will be your loyal Guerilla Fighters during your Fitness Game Campaign. Perfect Tights perform at their top if you wear them every day during day and during exercise. Start wearing Perfect Tights once parcel arrives. You may as well start jumping rope up to 15 minutes a day until further instructions.

ATTENTION! The Yellow and Blue Envelopes shall NOT be opened unless the situation described on the top of the envelope occurs.

Further instructions follow shortly.

Yours, Jane Rene Maria


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