Chapter 132: I Will Get Skinny if I Start Acting…

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– How do I lose weight Coco?

– Play My Fitness Game.

– Yeah, I know but this is not my question. What I want to know is – how do I lose weight?

– Play My Fitness Game.

– Here are you again with your system. I just want to lose weight! How do I do it?


OMG! Why is she doing that? Why can’t she just answer my question? I am on the verge of crying. Coco turns her head grabbing me with her eyes. This is what her eyes do. They grab you and sometimes they turn you upside down. I am kind of hanging upside down now. I probably said something stupid.

– I guess what you are really asking Jane, is whether I have some kind of a magic pill helping you losing 60 pounds in 60 minutes in your sleep?

– Do you have it? Do you have the pill?

– My Fitness Game is your best shot whether you want it or not. It is kind of magic. How long did it take you to accumulate 60 pounds of fat?

– 20 years…

– I promise – it will take only fraction of that to lose it, if you finally stop talking nonsense and start following the system! And I also promise – you will not get any skinnier if you keep asking. You will get skinny if you start acting! Let’s go! We still have to try jumping over this creek without falling in! Last time it took you ages to remove all those leeches!

P.S. Coco was right. It took me 520 weeks (10 years) to accumulate 30 pounds excess weight and it took me 14 weeks ONLY to drop them off. Now I am going after remaining 30 pounds!

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