Chapter 130: Spider Web = Quick Sand = Black Swamp = Weight Loss? HOW?!

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– I have been thinking, Coco, My Fitness Game promotes focus on one type of exercise through the whole fitness campaign. I am a bit worried women will get bored looking for diversification, you know? – Coco and I are walking middle through early June water covered rice fields. Although I am wearing my crocks, I am silently hoping there are no leeches in these waters…

– I will answer your question in a second, but first imagine you are a fly…

– What? A fly? – I chuckle.

– Yeah, just imagine you are a fly.

– Buzz-buzz-buzz… – that’s me pretending to be a fly. – What now?

– Now you are entrapped in a spider web!

– Phoaaa! Great!

– What do you do?

– Seriously?

– Please!

– Well, first I freeze.

– Why?

– Because if I twitch too much this ugly guy will notice me, run down and kill me…

– Yeah, that’s true. Twitching too much does never pay off. Neither in spider web nor in the quick sand, nor in the black swamp, nor in the weight loss. Focus, stay calm, master one exercise, lose weight, don’t twitch.

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