Chapter 128: My Fitness Game in Clickfunnels

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I spent the whole afternoon filming My Fitness Game. The stories are coming alive and this is amazing. I am narrating Coco Tomātl stories andMy Fitness Game principles in front of the camera.

Watch me doing something I was afraid of for ages!

I have made arrangements to film at work, which created the following challenges:

  1. Colleagues going to the toilet every X minutes and crossing the way of the camera.
  2. 9 dogs barking. Cumulative our neighboring companies have 9 dogs. It is a blessing that only one was barking today and only for 15 minutes.
  3. 1st floor mystery machine. Our neighbor on the 1st floor has an interesting machine which he uses very sporadically, mostly after 6pm. Once this machine (whatever it does being quite mysterious) goes on – you can’t hear yourself screaming. Today our neighbor felt compelled to start early, at 13pm it is.

I will be filming for the whole week and at the end of the week the membership area for our system will be up and running! For membership area implementation we are using Clickfunnels. It is highly recommended if you are considering doing a membership program of any kind. If you have questions about it – drop me a message in comments.

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